• 26.10.2012. It has been a very busy year. I have written piano scores for all my songs. Submitted one of my songs "Some things are Universal" to the USA Songwriting Contest (Inspirational category) In July I wrote another musical "Moses and the Promised Land" based on the Biblical figure In October I have completed another musical "The Mabinogion" telling all 11 tales in musical form Been singing at several open mic nights in the area Now is the time to do more promoting and try to get my musicals staged and listened to

  • 01.08.2011. I seem to be writing a lot of humorous songs lately and they are quite popular at the folk clubs. Most recent have been "You're a Road Hog", "The Hearse Has Got No Brakes", "Tonight I'm Sleeping With Betty Boop", "The Bird Who's Afraid of Heights", "Sat Nav", and "Don't Text Me"

  • 01.07.2011. Submitted 5 Christmas Songs to an American publisher which deals exclusively in holiday songs

  • 01.06.2011. Submitted two short children's books to a publisher with a view to it becoming a series. I could also also write songs if it was successful and eventually became animated

  • 31.05.2011. Entered my song "Sheltering by the Tree With Elvis" in the USA Songwriting Contest in the Country section

  • 11.04.2011. Started going to a new folk club in Burry Port at the Coasting Pilot. They meet twice a month. Also still going to the weekly Folk Club at the Queen Vic in Llanelli. I have sung a wide range of my songs at both and they seem to be going down well

  • 11.02.2011. Handed a CD with two songs to Tim Rhys-Evans of Only Men Aloud. On the CD were two songs - "You Made Wales a Nation Again" from my Glyndwr musical and also one I wrote for Only Men Aloud themselves called "Only Men Aloud". Hope they can include them in their act.

  • 17.11.2010. New Folk Club in Llanelli at the Queen Vic Club every Monday night. I go weekly and sing my own songs

  • 01.06.2009. Retired from work, I can now concentrate full time on writing, recording, staging and promoting my songs and musicals

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